Achievements and experience:


  • Patrick`s voting record as Councillor shows a thoughtful and moderate approach to development.
  • Patrick worked effectively with community members, other councillors and developers to bring about responsible development.
    • For example, when community members raised concerns about a proposed development at Bayers Road, Patrick listened to community concerns, met with interested community members and the developer. As chair of Community Council, together with the other members of Community Council, Murphy required that the proposal for a 16 story building be rescinded and referred the project to a public meeting. The final design and building reflected this community input.
  • Patrick worked in the development industry and understands the need for more density especially in the downtown areas of Halifax and Dartmouth.
  • Patrick fought to keep Bloomfield open and worked with partners on the revisioning of the Bloomfield site.

Community Involvement

  • Patrick encouraged public participation in municipal projects through public and community meetings, created community committees for the Hydrostone and Fort Needham park, and worked with partners to advance many projects.
  • During his time as a Councillor, Patrick provided grants to many community groups including:
    • Mulgrave Park Tenant’s association,
    • Wee Care Centre,
    • Northwood Players,
    • Bayers Road Westwood,
    • Progress Centre for Early Intervention,
    • Halifax Amateur Radio Club,
    • Ward 5 Community Centre and
    • many others.

Responsible Development and Community Involvement


Patrick supports responsible development that maintains the character of established neighbourhoods.