Healthy Community and Recreation


Community access to great parks, recreation facilities and programs is needed for a healthy community.

Patrick promotes working with partners including not for profit organizations, businesses and other orders of government to make sure everyone in the community has the access they need to opportunities for healthy living.

Patrick works with other Councillors and staff to ensure proper attention is given to maintaining and beautifying the community.

Achievements and Experience

Community improvements, programs and events that Patrick supported and helped bring about:

  • Launch of good neighbourhood program in District 11 at Ward 5 neighbourhood centre.
  • Focus on people through providing the Step up to Leadership program.
  • Focus on seniors providing HRM free concerts and transportation to bicentennial theatre.
  • Started a flower program through HRM to community groups.
  • $1,000 Grant to the peninsula urban garden group (Prescott garden)
  • Worked with the Natal day committee to bring the Natal day parade to the North End.
  • Partnered with the bridge commission for the best venue for Natal Day fireworks.
  • Sponsored many great community events, including Go North and Northern Lights Latern Festival.
  • Enhancements to flower beds and grooming along Novalea.
  • Fixing tennis court surfaces at Fort Needham.
  • Replacement of playground on Fort Needham.
  • 2005 community response plan for Bayers Westwood, general clean up of the area, improvements to playground ,refurbishing of basketball court ($16,000), better landscaping & cutting of grass.
  • Improvements to St. Andrew’s Centre, renovations of space and facilities.
  • St. Joseph’s A. MacKay School playground and greening project,HRM funding $50,000.
  • St. Catherine’s playground project, HRM Funding $55,000. Partnered with DND engineering to get the job done – thank you!
  • St. Stephen’s playground, HRM funding $66,000, much needed playground (2008).
  • Spoke out for North End schools when several were slated for review.
  • Flower enhancements on Agricola Street boulevard.
  • Flower enhancements on Devonshire Street, these beds had been in 2008 the flowers were dedicated to breast cancer.
  • Enhanced flower beds along Connaught Avenue.7
  • Hydrostone improvements including:
    • Lighting of trees in Hydrostone
    • Working with Hydrostone merchants and Larex Properties to promote the area.
    • Creation of Hydrostone historical card to promote all of Hydrostone area.
    • Destination Halifax fam trip to the Hydrostone in 2008 – bringing new business to the area.
    • For proper safety,had filled in and solidified Hydrostone boulevards that had been sinking.
    • Getting a 20 year or longer drainage issue fixed by installing proper culvert and piping.
  • Graffiti management in coordination with community response plans
  • 2005, water reservoir on Robie Street painted and protected.
  • Lighting enhancements to Needham Centre, Oland’s Brewery – thank you Oland’s.
  • Partnership with Aliant and mural projects with utility boxes
  • New mural project Isleville Street playground (2008)
  • Improvements to upper Seaview Park. Trails paved and gravelled, bench installation, general clean up and improved security.
  • New playground lower Seaview Park(2008).
  • Isleville Street playground ($30,000) new equipment, improvements to spray park, drainage upgrades, improvements to picnic table areas, new fencing ($10,000).
  • Merv Sullivan Park – equipped with new playground swings.
  • New playground Needham centre (2008).
  • Upgrades to Needham centre pool and facility.
  •  Improvements to Bilby Street Park, benches and pathway (2008).
  • Improvements to Bloomfield field park (2008).
  • Upgrades to Lou Goddard field fencing, backstop, scoreboard – a much need improvement
  • HRM makeover Ward 5 community centre (makeover by HRM staff for improved upkeep of centre)
  • $10,000 grant – Ward 5 community centre
  • Encouraged public participation through committees such as the Bloomfield advisory committee.