Titantic commemoration event, Fairview Lawn cemetery, 2016

Achievements and Experience:

  • Improved maintenance and care of Titanic Grave Site at Fairview Lawn Cemetery.
  • Dedication of Halifax explosion historical plaque at Veith House, previously unfinished.
  • Improvements to Hydrostone Park, historical benches ($17,500), requested previously unfinished pathway around monument ($16,000) was completed.
  • •Started the Hydrostone Fort Needham Heritage committee – a citizens committee making citizens more involved in the civic process.
  • Requested and got maintenance to bells and monument, refurbishing and sending of bells to Cleveland for proper maintenance ($160,000).
  • Signage program for Needham Park, including directional signs where previously there had been no signs.
  • Commemorated Halifax Explosion interpretation plaque at Fort Needham.
  • Worked with heritage planners to improve North End streetscapes.
  • During the civic addressing project, when streets were being renamed wherever possible, Patrick worked to make sure the new names reflected the area`s history.

History and Heritage


Patrick has a keen interest in history and a track record of supporting the preservation and commemoration of Halifax`s history. He supports strong protections for built heritage.